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Chapter 2: A Different Kind of Friendship


(Kaida's POV)

The questioning seemed like it was taking forever. I swear I answered about 50 questions so far, but that might be a slight exaggeration. Stein finally finished writing down the last bit of information on the paper and stood up
“The questioning is done, Kaida. You can rest here for a while until you feel better, then you may leave. Some people might come to visit you, so be prepared for what might happen. Some of the students are, how should I say it…? Interesting…” a smirk crossed his face when he said this.

“Honestly I wouldn’t mind seeing some unfamiliar faces right now.” I said, smiling slightly.

“Haha, that’s the spirit!” Marie exclaimed cheerfully. “Oh, just…. Watch out for a kid with blue hair...he’s um… special…” She said apologetically. Then they both left the room.

I waited for 10 minutes and no one came in, and I was getting bored. I decided I would walk around to get my blood pumping again. I tried standing up, but almost fell over. I wasn’t used to walking again, so I took a few slow steps to the door to get used to the feeling. When I opened the door, I didn’t see anyone. All I saw was a long hallway. I could hear noises coming from one end of the hallway, so I decided to follow it. It was a long, tedious walk, full of swaying and my knees buckling under me, but I somehow managed to find the source of the noise. I opened the doors to the noisy room and saw hundreds of teenagers sitting at tables. They were all talking to each other in their own little groups. Everyone was smiling and having a good time just hanging out. It was… intimidating…

“Hey, Kaida, glad you’re back on your feet.” I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to see Soul standing next to me, smiling.

“Oh, hey.” I said with a shy grin.

“C’mon, there are some people I want you to meet.” Soul motioned me to follow him to a table. We walked over and sat down. I saw Maka sitting across of the other side of the table and I looked at the five other teens around me. I felt like there was a long silence at the table before anyone said anything.

“Guys, this is Kaida. She’s a new student here and doesn’t know anyone else in the Academy. So whether she likes it or not, we’re gonna be her friends.” Soul smirked and turned to me. He motioned to the others at the table as he spoke. “Kaida, these are my friends Maka, Liz, Kid, Patty, Tsubaki-”

“AND I AM THE GREAT BLACK*STAR! YAHOOOOO!!! YOU WILL BOW BEFORE ME, FOOLISH MORTAL, FOR I WILL SURPASS GOD!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!” a blue-haired boy jumped up on the table and got right in my face. He must be the one Marie told me about…

“BLACK*STAR, YOU IDIOT!” Maka bashed him on the head with a heavy, hardcover book.

“Sorry about that.” Tsubaki dragged Black*Star off the table and plopped him on his seat. “Black*Star is kind of… special…” She said with a sweet smile.

“So, Kaida,” Kid began, “you are aware this academy is for meisters and weapons, right? Well, which one are you? Meister or weapon?”

“Oh, well it’s sort of complicated,” I said with a shrug. “But I’m a meister and my brother is a weapon. He’s a hook-sword”.

“Ooooh! That’s so cool!” Patty shouted happily. “Where’s your brother now? Is he here with you~?”

“Uh, no. I actually don’t know where he is right now…”

“AWWWW~, why not? Did something happen to him???” Liz grabbed Patty’s arm and stood up.

“Hey Patty, let’s go see if there’s any pudding left to eat!”

“YAAYYY PUDDING!” Patty jumped up and dragged Liz away with her, laughing.

“Hey, Soul,” Black*Star said excitedly, “can we hang out at your place later today? We can eat a bunch of food and crap!” he seemed to be really excited.

“Eh, you’d have to ask Maka. She’s the one that gets to cook tonight.” Soul said with a grin. Maka had an annoyed look on her face.

“Sure, I guess it’s fine...” Maka said reluctantly. “You can come too, Kaida.” I jumped slightly at the sound of my name.


“Of course.” Soul agreed. “After school we can all go over to our apartment. We can give you a ride, too.”

“Then it’s settled!” Black*star shouted, “Kaida you’ve only known us for five minutes and you’re ALREADY part of our group! Aren’t you a cool kid?!”

“Heh, I guess I am...”

--3 hours later—

After hanging out outside of the academy for a few hours, Soul, Maka and the others came out of class along with the other students. They all seemed to be on edge for some odd reason, as if they witnessed something VERY disturbing.

“Uh, are you guys okay?” I asked curiously.

“Dr. Stein had another one of his dissection classes…” Soul muttered. “God…How creepy can that man get..?”

“Who cares, we have a party to get to! YAHOOO!!!” Black*Star shouted.

“Oh, yeah!” Maka said “C’mon guys, we better get going.” She motioned to me and Soul and we followed her down the endless flight of stairs. Then we reached the bottom I noticed the orange motorcycle parked to the side. That was the motorcycle I saw before I blacked-out; The motorcycle that carried me to the academy for the first time; The motorcycle that had saved my life. I unconsciously smiled when I thought of that day.

Soul hopped on the motorcycle and turned on the engine. He patted the seat behind him.

“Well, ya coming?” Soul smirked and I sat on the motorcycle and Maka sat behind me. Soul revved the engine. “Better hold on, Kaida!” He shouted over the roar of the motorcycle. I wrapped my arms around his waist, and without warning, the motorcycle shot off onto the road.

It was my first time on a motorcycle in a very long time. My brother used to drive me around on his blue one when I was young. That was when I felt the best. I felt so safe with my arms around my brother. He was my best friend and I always looked up to him. But then, it happened. Thinking of my brother gave me a sense of security, and terror... But… sitting on the bike with Soul…

The bike stopped in front of a large apartment building. It was the same building I passed out in front of. We hopped off the bike and walked through the door of their apartment.

“Blair, we’re home!” Maka shouted. Just then, a half-naked girl tackled Soul from behind, pushing him to the ground.

“I missed you, my little scythy-boy~! I was so bored without you here!” blood gushed from Soul’s nose.

“God, B-Blair, why do you always d-do this?!” Soul said trying to push the giggling girl off of him. The girl looked up at me and hopped off of Soul, leaving him on the ground, nose still bleeding.

“Aw~ who’s this little cutie~?” she said, crouching down to my eye level. Apparently she had never heard of ‘personal space’.

“Oh, I’m Kaida. I’m a new student at the Academy.” I answered with a smile. She examined me with a cat-like grin that made me uneasy.

“…KYAAHHH~ you’re so cute!” She squealed and hugged me, lifting me off the ground. She set me down and giggled sweetly. “Welllll~,” she said with a yawn, “I’m going to go take a cat nap. See ya~!” after that last remark, there was a puff of purple smoke. A purple cat trotted out of the smoke.

“Sh-she’s a cat?!” I said, stunned.

“Yep, that’s Blair…” Maka said, “She’s um… well, I think you noticed.” She smiled apologetically and walked to the kitchen to make food. Soul stood and wiped the blood from his nose and looked out the window.

“Maka, Black*Star’s already here…” Soul said with a very monotone voice.

“God, did he follow us or something? What is wrong with that kid…?” Maka muttered as Black*star burst through the door, Tsubaki following him.  

“HEY, I’M HERE! I’M READY TO EAT!” Black*Star exclaimed.

“What the hell, Black*Star, we just got home!” Maka fumed. “Just go wait on the couch!” Black*Star laughed and sat on the couch next to me and Soul while Tsubaki went into the kitchen to help Maka. Kid, Liz and Patty arrived soon after.


The rest of the day was full of interesting and hilarious moments, including Black*Star throwing a fish at Maka. I was beginning to get more and more comfortable with the group as time passed. We were all sitting on the floor playing truth or dare, when Kid stood up.

“Well, it’s getting late. I think we should go.” Liz picked up Patty, who had been sleeping, and followed kid to the door. Kid opened the door, but paused to turn. “It was nice meeting you, Kaida. See you around.” I smiled.

“Haha, see ya.” They walked out and the door shut behind them with a thud.

“Hey, Kaida, I just thought of something.” Black*Star turned to me and said.

“Yeah, what is it?”

“Soul found you lying in the middle of the road, right?”

“Yeah. What about it?”  I asked confused.

“Well, do you have a place to stay or anything?” I had completely forgotten that I didn’t live in Death City. It felt like I had lived there forever.

“Oh, well, actually I don’t have anywhere to stay at the moment. I used to live in Arizona, but… um… now I don’t.” I told Black*star with a nervous laugh.

“Hey, I have an idea! Why don’t you stay with us?” Maka offered.


“Sure!” Soul said, “We don’t mind having another person in our house.”

“Uh, wow, thanks!” I said gratefully, accepting the offer. I had only known these people for a day, and they are already treating me like family. Who knows? This could be the first true family I’ve had in a long time.
ITS DONE! :iconshaplz:

sorry it took so long guys TT^TT and sorry its not getting violent yet (that comes next ;D)

anyways, sorry if there are any grammar mistakes :iconlazycryplz:

ill try to get chapter 3 done asap! :iconsuperheroglompplz:

chapter 1- [link]
chapter 2- :reading:
chapter 3- in progress

...Maka got hit with a fish :iconheplz:
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